I stumbled across a video yesterday that caught my attention, one, because it involves Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Fouke Monster, whatever you want to call it. Two, because the screams were recorded right here where we live in Miller County Arkansas. 

The undisputed winner of hide-n-seek is the elusive Bigfoot. Some say it does not exist but let's get real here, there are far too many that have seen it, smelled it, taken castings of the footprints left behind and other small bits of evidence to keep saying there's nothing there. Something is there. In my mind, the question is what, not if.

Sasquatch Vocalizations near Fouke Arkansas video capture - Bob - YouTube

Is Sasquatch more human than ape? More neanderthal than modern man, or is it something completely different than anything we have imagined so far? Alien? Multi-dimensional beings? Too many questions really.

There is a dedicated group of people all around the world that are determined to get the ultimate proof that Bigfoot exists and I for one, hope they do. The more cameras out there, the better the chances we will get proof sooner rather than later.

This Miller County Arkansas video was a lucky find considering it was recorded back in October of 2010. Listen carefully to the vocalizations that start around the 1:10 mark.

Sasquatch Vocalizations near Fouke Arkansas video capture - first voices - YouTube

You might say that some of the vocalizations could be attributed to coyotes, maybe, but not all of them. There are some in the middle and near the end that sound like nothing I've ever heard before in the wild, no coyote, no waterfowl, no whippoorwill I've ever heard makes sounds like that. We don't have wolves around here sooooooo, what the heck is it?

Sasquatch Vocalizations near Fouke Arkansas video capture - Bob gets audio recorder - YouTube

There's another vocalization near the end that will send chills down your spine, can you imagine being out in the woods by yourself and hearing it?

Sasquatch Vocalizations near Fouke Arkansas video capture - scream - YouTube

Bob Truskowski is a Bigfoot researcher, a local guy I think but I have not been able to find much about him. Maybe he's Facebook-shy or something. The Bigfoot Research Society does still have a Facebook page but it is inactive.

This weekend there's a Bigfoot Campout in Fouke, Arkansas. You going?

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