If there's anything that we know about Todrick Hall, it's that the choreography, singer, director and overall entertainer really likes two things: Disney and Beyonce. With videos like 'Beyonce End of Time Flash Mob' and 'Cinderonce', he's clearly got this mash-up thing down pat.

Recently, he made a video that combines Bey's 'Grown Woman,' highlights from her Pepsi ad and Disney's Ariel ('The Little Mermaid'), Cinderella ('Cinderella'), Belle ('Beauty and the Beast'), Tiana ('The Prince and the Frog') and Snow White ('Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs') to make a sexier and more modern version of a Disney Princess video.

Complete with cans of Pepsi, the five princesses strut their stuff and show just how they like to get down -- Beyonce style. From the mirror choreography Snow White does (like in the Pepsi ad) to Belle's hot moves in the library, this is clearly not the same princesses we remember from back in the day. The tongue-in-cheek approach that Hall takes is successful as it shows the 'Independent Woman' attitude that Queen Bey exudes in a number of her songs.

And we're not the only ones to notice this. Beyonce reached out to Hall to choreograph her video for 'Blow,' a song featured on her new self-titled LP. It looks like we'll be seeing more collaborations from these two in the future.