I like pizza. Unfortunately it likes me too. Today though, we want to know which pizza places have captured your taste buds.

My problem is actually deciding which place I like the best. I have this tendency to like different pizza for different reasons.

  • I like Little Caesar's because it's good and inexpensive. When I need to fill up the family quickly and cheaply, there's no better alternative.
  • Larry's Pizza is really inventive and has some really good pizza and some that even makes my face pucker. But I have to watch out for some those face-pucker pizzas like the cheeseburger with mustard pizza. My family laughs at me when I eat those.
  • For deep dish Chicago-style pizza, you can't beat Gusano's Pizzeria.
  • For an everyday buffet with good selection at a decent price, Cici's is pretty hard to beat.

You see, I like different pizza places for different reasons, so it was hard for me to pick just one. It might be hard for you too, but do it anyway. Please.

Thanks for voting.