Some Texarkana area Boy Scouts have been awarded their Eagle Scout status.

The Caddo Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America will be honoring the 40 young men who achieved the rank of Eagle Scout during 2015 on Friday evening at Texarkana Country Club in Texarkana, Ark. The banquet will be from 6-8PM and the recognition will take place after dinner.

2015 Eagle Scouts
Caddo Area Council
John Logan Aaron-Troop 5                                       Quinn Ruston Addington-Troop 16
James Thomas Barham-Troop 13                             Lane Carson Bricker-Troop 13
Maxwell Rollins Campbell- Troop 8                         Ethan Cole Carroll-Troop 707
Austin William Crane-Troop 8                                  Randell Kane De Loach-Troop 47
Hayden David Fant-Troop 16                                   Dewitt C. Fortenberry, Jr.-Troop 16
Dylan Blake Green-Troop 52                                    John Luker Hays-Troop 5
Robert Mark Hoover-Troop 8                                  Miller Jacob Hornsby-Troop 16
Forrest Alexander Hutson-Troop 13                        William Edson Kilgore, IV-Troop 99
Benjamin Jacob LeGrand-Troop 16                          James Arthur Maher-Troop 54
Robert Thomas Martin-Troop 30                             Zane Mathieu Moore-Troop 86
Ryan Edward Nash-Troop 47                                    William Starr Norton-Troop 16
Daniel Thomas Parnell-Troop 8                                Trevor Joseph Peavy-Troop 707
Nathan Daniel Phillips-Troop 5                                Charles J. Rateliff-Troop 16
Donovan Kayne Roach-Troop 3                               Chad Colton Russell-Troop 52
Justus Chase Russell-Troop 52                                  Jacob Middleton Sawyer-Troop 92
Joshua Cole Seavey-Troop 47                                   Parker James Simmons-Troop 47
Caleb Parker Snow-Troop 707                                 Benjamin Paul Stroderd-Troop 5
Cyle Michael Van Derwerken-Troop 16                  Brett Michael Walker-Troop 16
Connor McCrea Williams-Troop 16                         Kip O’Brien Williams-Troop 16
Landry Hudson Windham-Troop 16                        Cameron Michael Ytzen-Troop 8
Only 4 percent of Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. To obtain this rank, Scouts must first work their way up the ladder of rank.  Along the way, just as it has been for over 100 years, today's Eagle Scouts earn 21 required merit badges. Although some of the required merit badges have changed many have remained the same since 1912.
Scouting has taught the same values for over 100 years. And the saying, “Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle” started with the first Eagle Scout our country honored. Scouts are charged to give back to their churches, their community, and to scouting. Many of the Eagle Scouts that will be honored have fathers who grew up in scouting and are still giving back today.